Welcome to TPHC GROUP

TPHC Group was started with the vision of helping businesses expand into new geographical locations, new areas of business, new ways of doing business and to reduce risk while doing so.

Our concept and philosophy are that a better prepared business will not only save time and money but will also make much more in the long run. We work on breaking down barriers to communication between geographical areas and industries and connect businesses with the contacts they need.

About Our clients

Our clients' businesses are at different stages. Our clients include businesses that are:

    • In the planning stages;
    • Just starting and looking for some advice;
    • Preparing for financing;
    • Preparing for a sale or new investors;
    • Purchasing or merging another business;
    • Looking to renovate;
    • Looking to make a big investment;
    • Trying to expand;
    • Investigating a joint venture opportunity;
    • Looking to become a franchise;
    • Foreign and looking to establish a footprint in Canada;
    • In need of help in a specific area such as marketing, software, websites, etc.;
    • In need of advice about human resources and contracting out work; and
    • Simply looking for connections.